Lab Protocols

Cells Counting 
Hemocytometer is a device used for determining the number of cells per unit volume of a suspension. It is the widely used type of chamber, since it was mainly designed for performing blood cell counts. Now it is used to count other types of cells and other microscopic particles as well. It is a special type of microscope slide consists of two chambers, which is divided into nine (1.0mm x 1.0mm) large squares which is separated from one another by triple lines. The area of each is 1mm². Cover glass is supported over the chambers at a height of 0.1mm.
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1 cell counting

C2C12 cell culture 
C2C12 is a subclone murine skeletal muscle cell line derived from mouse myoblast cells (Blau et al., 1983) obtained from normal adult C3H leg muscle (Yaffe and Saxel, 1977). This cell line rapidly differentiates and produces extensive contracting myotubes that express characteristic muscle specific proteins.
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2 cell proliferation differentitation